Minter Wonderland


I know, it’s not Christmas time. But here in Arkansas, we’ve had a wintry mix of ice and snow over the past week or so (and some snow days off of work to boot)! Any time I’m curled up on my couch watching snow outside, I inevitably start missing my friends from Abilene and the winter days we spent together drinking hot drinks, eating freshly-baked sweets (thanks, Amanda), and, most of all, playing music together.

You see, I was incredibly blessed during my time in graduate school to make friends with some wonderful individuals who share my passion for music. Their names are Morgan, Amanda, Greg, Drew, and Eric. I never had so much fun playing around on different instruments and making music as I did with those guys, and we spent many a lazy Saturday doing just that. It didn’t take me long to realize the uniqueness of our group, and in October of 2013, I first presented the idea of making a Christmas album together. The group agreed that if I were to arrange some songs, we’d record them together, and Drew would mix everything on his computer. I spent the next couple of months crafting arrangements of all of our favorite Christmas songs, and on a wintry day in December–not unlike this morning–we finally started recording.

As it turns out, you need more than a couple of recording days to produce an album, a fact we quickly realized. However, despite the fact that we only started recording a handful of songs and only finished two or three of them before we ran out of time during the Christmas holidays, I will always cherish the time we had together. When we tried to think of a name for our group/album, the answer was obvious. After all the time we’d spent at one friend’s house or another–both on Minter Lane–we decided to introduce our [semi-finished] Christmas album as Minter Wonderland.

I’ve decided to share our most complete song here, What Child Is This? I’m sharing the songĀ from Drew’s SoundCloud, and if you like what you hear, we do have a few other fun little projects, also posted on his account. Even though it’s not Christmas time (and I have a feeling Greg is going to hate me for posting a Christmas song out of season), I felt that my music site would be incomplete without sharing my love of Minter Wonderland. Hope you enjoy!

Drew: percussion, vocals, keyboard, sound mixing

Eric: guitar, vocals

Greg: narration

Amanda: vocals, piano

Morgan: vocals, flute

Me: flute, keyboard, song arrangements

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