Antiquing the Apartment: High Cotton and The Blue Door

So, I’m going to be real with you. I don’t have tons of money to throw out on new furniture, so I look for short cuts. Lucky for me, antiques and repurposed furniture are typically much cheaper AND much cuter than buying new, so it works out. Although I’ve visited lots of quaint, wonderful antique shops during my nomadic wanderings across the world, I feel it necessary to give a shout out to High Cotton Antiques in Woodbury, Georgia. Continue reading

Minter Wonderland


I know, it’s not Christmas time. But here in Arkansas, we’ve had a wintry mix of ice and snow over the past week or so (and some snow days off of work to boot)! Any time I’m curled up on my couch watching snow outside, I inevitably start missing my friends from Abilene and the winter days we spent together drinking hot drinks, eating freshly-baked sweets (thanks, Amanda), and, most of all, playing music together. Continue reading

Twenty Minutes

The following memoir is composed of a series of short vignettes from my experiences doing mission work in Honduras over the course of two years. They represent my experiences as truly as possible, regardless of how things and/or people have changed since the piece was written.


The sun was hot as the truck bounced over the dry, cracked clay, up the mountainside, dodging potholes and broken glass. Marcos was driving, and I was in the truck bed white-knuckled, clinging for dear life. Continue reading

Georgie’s Song

About six years ago, my mother and sister went out to run some errands and, by chance, decided to stop by a pet store. They weren’t looking for anything in particular; my sister is an animal-lover, and she has always enjoyed seeing the animals for sale. As it happened, that day was also adoption day at the pet store, and as my mother and sister watched all of the commotion, they noticed a man standing off to the side. In his arms was an adorable little puppy Continue reading